iSK MICROPHONES           

iSK Microphones, supply high quality professional Studio and Broadcast Microphones plus Recording and Live Performance Microphones and Accessories.

Our advanced high-tech production unit features strict quality control procedures at all stages of production, creating microphone products to a very high standard and performance level.
We have created a dust free workshop environment for our microphone capsule production plus advanced QA and test facilities featuring our own Anechoic Chamber, Electro-Acoustic Analysis System plus Audio Frequency Analyzer all of which ensure the consistency and performance stability of iSK Microphones.
Every iSK Microphone shipped, is thoroughly examined and audibly tested at our UK test facility before being dispatched to our suppliers.

iSK Microphones goal is simply, to deliver outstanding quality in sound reproduction and build specification at an affordable price.


Please be aware of similar looking unbranded microphones on EBAY which are vastly inferior products. The only authorized dealer in the UK is micsdirect