SUPERLUX R102 Aluminum Ribbon Microphone + Cradle + lead

SUPERLUX R102 Aluminum Ribbon Microphone + Cradle + lead

Avlex Corporation is pleased to introduce the Superlux R102 Aluminum Ribbon Microphone. Featuring the high sensitivity of a condenser microphone, but with the smooth frequency response and excellent transient response characteristic of a ribbon microphone, the new Superlux R102 makes an outstanding choice for recording a wide range of sound sources, including electric or acoustic guitar, vocals, brass instruments, piano, and percussion. With its field replaceable modular ribbon assembly, the R102 is also ideal for live broadcasting applications.

The R102's active aluminum ribbon consists of two parts: an electro-magnetic transducer and an impedance converting circuit. The electro-magnetic transducer applies a unique magnetic circuit field while the 2.5 micron thick aluminum alloy ribbon is suspended between two poles and vibrates in synchronization with the incoming acoustical energy. With its extremely low ribbon mass, the R102's transducer boasts a premium transient response as it converts acoustical energy into electronic signals—with the result being precise reproduction of the sound source, across all frequencies at either high or low sound pressure levels.

With its wide and extended frequency response (20 Hz - 15 kHz), the new R102 is a robust recording tool that is uniquely designed to provide high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, low distortion, and decreased self noise. While early generation ribbon microphones were frequently temperamental in nature, the Superlux R102 delivers stable performance regardless of ambient temperature or humidity. With its field replaceable modular ribbon assembly, the R102 can easily be serviced without customers experiencing the downtime characteristic of earlier ribbon microphones.

Ribbon microphones have long been recognized for their warm, smooth sound, and the Superlux R102 is no exception. With its figure 8 polar pattern and identical sensitivity at both the microphone's front and back, the R102 makes a terrific choice for capturing a wide range of instruments and vocals. This Phantom powered microphone also features a high SPL rating of 140 dB, making it ideal for miking electric guitars or recording loud wind instruments such as the saxophone or trumpet in addition to being able to easily handle the sharp attack transients characteristic of percussion instruments.

The new Superlux R102 Aluminum Ribbon Microphone includes a dual core shielded cable and a microphone stand adapter.

The HM-31 high isolation shock mount is optionally available.

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